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YAMu Scheme

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The YAMu (Young Advocates of Music) scheme is the brainchild of our Musical Director, Jon Audain. It aims to help our Training Section players develop musically while giving talented young players a chance to use their skills to get involved in the community.

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One of the unique qualities of our Training Section is that regardless of age it is a place where anyone who is beginning to learn an instrument can perform in a group. It provides a supportive environment in which people can gain much needed confidence as they improve their musical abilities. Anyone who has learnt an instrument or begun to play in a band will know that to have a little support when you first begin is a welcome relief and confidence boost - and this is where YAMu comes in.

YAMu is a chance for talented young musicians between the ages of 16 and 19 to provide support for others in the community, by attending rehearsals and concerts and playing alongside Training Section members who have requested help. YAMu members will be expected to support both children and adults, for example by pointing out the place in the music when they lose their way, helping them to remember fingerings for notes they have just come across, or making constructive suggestions to improve the musicality of their performance.

How to Join YAMu

To join YAMu, candidates need to:

  • be between the ages of 16 to 19;
  • be of high standard of performance (grade 7 to 8+);
  • be willing to give regular commitment to rehearsals and concerts;
  • be able to show initiative and a willingness to help others.

In return for this commitment, each YAMu advocate will be awarded a certificate detailing the length of their involvement with the Training Section, the types of activities and events involved in, and a short written personal statement written specifically for each advocate. This will be a document students can add to a portfolio to show prospective universities and employers as evidence of extra-curricular commitments to the community.

If you are in interested in this opportunity to use your musical abilities to provide help and support to others then please send us a message to get more information. Or if you know anyone who you think would be interested, please spread the message about this unique and exciting scheme.

YAMu strapline
YAMu strapline

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If you play a wind or percussion instrument then we'd love to hear from you! We rehearse at St Mary's Church in Warsash every Thursday evening. Full details here.